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Movie review: China-Taiwan differences are laid bare hilariously in Apolitical Romance

The two leads acquit themselves admirably in this film that tackles a thorny issue with laughs

Published on Jul 23, 2014 5:53 PM
Perfect casting: Chang Shu-hao is the Taiwanese civil servant who is baffled by the girl from Beijing, played by Huang Lu. -- PHOTO: FESTIVE FILMS

Romantic comedy


89 minutes/Opens tomorrow/***1/2

The story: Taiwanese civil servant A-cheng (Chang Shu-hao) is assigned to write a guide that deals with Taiwan-China cross-cultural etiquette and customs, except that he has never been to China and knows nothing about the subject. Beijing girl Qin Lang (Huang Lu) is in Taiwan in search of her grandmother’s long-lost first love, but does not know where to start. The two decide to help each other, but they must first get past their own cultural differences.

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