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Megan Fox feels Hollywood is still run by men, but it is changing the way women are written into movies

Published on Aug 6, 2014 2:44 PM
Megan Fox feels that Hollywood is still run by men, but it is turning the corner in changing the way women are written into movies. -- PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE- PRESSE

Megan Fox is the classic Hollywood hot chick, known more for adorning the covers of men's magazines and "sexiest actress" lists than her dramatic talents.

Add to that the fact that she publicly insulted one of the most powerful directors in the industry, which led to her being fired from the Transformers robot franchise, and the stereotype of the sexy-but-spoilt (and maybe slightly dim) starlet is complete.

But in person, Fox does a pretty good job of shattering this impression. Speaking to Life! and other reporters about her new movie, the comic book-inspired Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the 28-year-old is opinionated but also unfailingly thoughtful, articulate and engaging, albeit given to the odd bout of New Age kookiness.

The star of the first two Transformers movies (2007 and 2009) is also unexpectedly hilarious, although with a bone-dry wit that means comments such as the one she made at a press conference over the weekend - saying that those who do not like the movie "can f*** off" - do not translate well into print.

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"I'm not like a really intense, suffering artist that needs to make something that will be nominated for an Oscar - I don't care about that."

Actress Megan Fox