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Lung Kong, Cantonese film-maker who directed original 1960s Better Tomorrow, dies

Published on Sep 3, 2014 5:24 PM

Hong Kong - Lung Kong, a key figure in Hong Kong's Cantonese cinema who directed the original A Better Tomorrow in 1967, died in his apartment in New York on Tuesday, said Apple Daily. He was 79, said the report.

His widow confirmed his death and said he had not been well.

Like current Hong Kong directors, Lung was active at a time when Mandarin films held sway over the industry and Cantonese movies were underestimated. He was one of the few directors who insisted on making Cantonese films because he did not want people "looking down" on the movies, and he was also an innovator.

Deviating from mouldy Cantonese melodramas, he tackled fresh topics such as epidemics, atomic bombs and delinquents, said Apple Daily.

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