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Johnny Depp has pondered death and doesn't believe in afterlife

The actor's latest film Transcendence raises existential questions about consciousness, identity, technology and life after death that he seems more than happy to wade into.

Published on Apr 16, 2014 11:35 AM

To be eccentric and truly get away with it, you usually have to be very rich, very beautiful or very talented.

Many would agree Johnny Depp is at least two of the above, which might account for how the Edward Scissorhands and Pirates Of The Caribbean actor has pulled off that rarest of tricks: making kooky look cool.

This idiosyncratic persona has been a winning formula both on screen and off, with Depp finding indie as well as mainstream success by playing a string of offbeat characters, then becoming a virtual recluse mid-career, all the while maintaining a sort of reluctant sex symbol status.

All this makes for great copy, of course, so the media is fully complicit. On the few occasions where he voluntarily meets the press, reporters have come to expect and accept a certain level of kookiness, leading to all manner of surreal yet matter-of-fact interviews with the star.

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