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Jackie Chan said to be visiting son in Beijing today following Jaycee Chan's drug arrest

Published on Aug 19, 2014 5:09 PM
Superstar Jackie Chan arrived in Beijing yesterday to help Jaycee (pictured) as the world waited to see how the anti-drug ambassador would react to the arrest of his son on drug charges. -- PHOTO: REUTERS

Hong Kong - Superstar Jackie Chan arrived in Beijing on Monday and is expected to see his son today as the world waits to see how the anti-drug ambassador would react to the arrest of Jaycee on drug charges.

This morning, Taiwan star Kai Ko's father was at the Beijing detention centre to visit his son, who was arrested last Thursday along with Jaycee and a 36-year-old Beijing personal assistant surnamed Sun.

Ko senior told reporters he had not taught his son well and apologised on behalf of the family.

Police said they seized more than 100g of marijuana in Jaycee's home in Dongcheng district, Beijing.

Both he and Ko tested positive for marijuana and confessed to taking it. A 33-year-old unemployed Beijing man was arrested the day after on suspicion of selling drugs to Jaycee.

The 31-year-old was suspected of accommodating drug users, an offence which carries a penalty of up to three years in jail.

Ko, 23, was arrested for drug consumption, a less serious charge, and was being detained for 14 days.

In footage released by the police, the actor was seen on Monday on a China Central Television broadcast weeping as he apologised for his misdeed. "I have set the worst example," he said, "I have made a big mistake."

An anti-drug video he shot with his You Are The Apple Of My Eye co-star Michelle Chen and director Giddens Ko in 2011 showed him declaring, "I don't use drugs".

Jaycee was also seen with police officers in the clip as they searched for drugs in his home, said to be a penthouse bought by his father.

Shown boxes containing some drugs, he confessed three times that they were marijuana. Asked where they came from, he said, "I have had these for two years".

His management yesterday apologised on his behalf in a statement, saying it would supervise him as he turns over a new leaf.

The two stars have been buddies for years. Jaycee's mother, the former actress Lin Feng-chiao, had reportedly warned him about Ko after the two were pictured pubbing in Hong Kong.

When Jackie Chan celebrated his 60th birthday last April and declined gifts, Ko had said he had promised the gongfu actor not to lead Jaycee astray.

According to Ming Pao Daily, Jackie Chan, who was named an anti-drug goodwill ambassador for China in 2009, had once spoken against drug abusers, saying that if he met an offender, he would personally take him to a rehab centre, even if the person was his son.

Last year, as reported, he said if Jaycee were to commit a bad deed, he would call the police and have him jailed.

Ming Pao said that with his image sullied, Ko could stand to lose or face demands for compensation over more than 10 commercial engagements that he has. He also has movies up for screening, including the fourth instalment of his Tiny Times film series.

Jaycee had been due to finish work on a Chen Kaige movie The Monk yesterday.

The drug arrests are the latest involving celebrities. Others recently busted included actor Gao Hu, Voice Of China star Li Daimo, director Zhang Yuan, writer Chen Wanning, actor Zhang Mo and Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung.