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Infernal Affairs film-makers' third movie about surveillance runs out of ideas

Published on May 28, 2014 1:30 PM
Louis Koo is out for revenge in Overheard 3. -- PHOTO: 2014 DISTRIBUTION WORKSHOP

Review Thriller


130 minutes/Opens tomorrow/**1/2

The story: Against the backdrop of property dealings in Hong Kong's New Territories, a tale of greed and vengeance unfolds. Jau (Louis Koo) grows up with the thuggish Luk brothers, including Keung (Sean Lau Ching Wan), the right-hand man of the powerful Uncle To (Kenneth Tsang). He kills a major landowner in a car accident for To, who pays him off. Five years later, Jau is released from prison and plots an elaborate surveillance operation to take down the Luks with the help of expert hacker Joe (Daniel Wu).

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