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Hot trailers: The Angriest Man in Brooklyn; Third Person

Published on Apr 30, 2014 11:34 AM


Robin Williams here is a very obnoxious patient who's told he has 90 minutes left to live in a funny scene by his overly hassled, equally pissed-off doctor (Mila Kunis). I don't blame her, since too much of Williams yelling in your face can really get on your nerves. "How long do I have? … I'm not leaving here until I get a number!" he demands. "Ninety minutes," Kunis reads off a turkey-roasting food magazine.

Next thing you know, Williams is trying to make nice with people and family he's angered as guilt-plagued Kunis desperately tries to track him down to tell him he's not conking out. Hilarious. I really want to see this movie because it looks like a funnier version of Michael Douglas' 1993 angry-man-with-rocketlauncher classic, Falling Down. Plus, my favourite hobbit-dude, Peter Dinklage, is here as Williams' kinder brother who looks like the little talisman everyone should have at his deathbed-side table.

The funniest thing here is the list of stuff Williams hates being rattled off at the start of the trailer - subwoofers in small cars, flyers for cheap haircuts, double-baby strollers, hamsters, pigeons, greeting cards and flip-flops. Boy, I can so identify with this. That sounds like one-tenth of my daily mad-as-hell to-complain list.

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