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This Is Sanlitun: Expat dreaming in Beijing

Published on May 14, 2014 7:05 PM
Among the trends film-maker Robert Douglas (above) tackles in his film, This Is Sanlitun, is the way some Chinese women throw themselves at Westerners. -- PHOTO: EUROPEAN UNION FILM FESTIVAL

The world is coming to China and the comedy, This Is Sanlitun (2013), pokes fun at how, in Beijing, the dreams and fetishes of Westerners collide with the equally bizarre stereotypes that locals hold about foreigners.

With setups that vary from the wry to the slapstick, the shoestring-budget satire mocks the way a certain type of Chinese female will throw herself at Westerners and how English schools will hire any Caucasian, regardless of qualifications or country of origin.

Aspiring expatriates, on the other hand, expect Beijing's streets to be paved with gold.

This Is Sanlitun will be shown here on Friday as part of the European Union Film Festival.

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Where: Shaw Theatres Lido

When: Friday 9.30pm

Admission: $12

Info: The movie is 95 minutes long and rated PG13. Film-maker Robert Douglas will hold a Q&A session after the screening