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Elle Fanning says her Sleeping Beauty in Maleficent is no bimbo

Published on May 28, 2014 6:42 PM

In the pantheon of Disney princesses, Aurora - aka Sleeping Beauty - is the ultimate archetype: blonde, pretty and always happy.

As such, she has a lot to answer for in terms of perpetuating a certain twodimensional female stereotype. And Elle Fanning, the actress who plays Princess Aurora in the new movie, Maleficent, knows this all too well - even though she herself was a big fan of the original 1959 Disney animated film, which popularised a story adapted from a 17th-century French fairy tale.

The sunny 16-year-old admits she thoroughly identified with the character as a child.

"I felt like I looked like her the most - she had blonde hair and a pink dress, which was my favourite colour, and she's also the tallest princess, which was nice for me," says the 1.72m-tall actress, who is the younger sister of another Hollywood star, 20-year-old Dakota (War Of The Worlds, 2005; the Twilight movies, 2009 to 2012),

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