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That Demon Within: Clumsy HK thriller takes on one too many themes

Dante Lam and Nick Cheung have been a winning combination in the past but they are not an infallible duo. That Demon Within is a murky thriller that is clumsy in execution.

Published on Apr 16, 2014 11:55 AM
Daniel Wu (left) is the cop who unwittingly saves the ruthless criminal played by Nick Cheung (right). -- PHOTO: CLOVER FILMS

Review Thriller


111 minutes/Opens Friday/ **

The story: Hon Kong (Nick Cheung) is a ruthless criminal who dons a demon king mask when committing audacious heists with his gang. Hunted down by the police, he ends up wounded in a hospital, where cop Dave Wong (Daniel Wu) unwittingly saves him. There appears to be a deeper connection between the two men though and the encounter shakes loose Dave's already tenuous grip on reality.

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