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Actress Karen Gillan plays with perceptions in ghostly thriller Oculus

Published on Apr 12, 2014 6:32 AM
A movie still from Oculus starrgin Karen Gillan (left) and Brenton Thwaites. -- PHOTO: SHAW ORGANISATION

LOS ANGELES (REUTERS) - A haunted mirror, a murderous father and two siblings seeking revenge form the plot for the new supernatural thriller Oculus, which blurs perceptions and reality with ghostly scares.

Oculus, out in the United States and Canada on Friday, follows a young woman, Kaylie, who reunites with her brother Tim after his release from an institution where he was held for a decade for killing their father, who had murdered their mother.

Kaylie is convinced that a large ornate mirror in their home caused the mental instability and subsequent demise of her parents, and is determined to clear her father's name of murder by proving the mirror is haunted by a manipulative entity.

"Kaylie is not running from the entity, she's running to it, and the worse it gets, the more happy and excited she gets because it's verifying everything that she believed, so it's just counteracting everything that we're used to," said British actress Karen Gillan, discussing her character.

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