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400 hours up in the air for Taiwan's top grossing documentary

Chi Po-lin gave up a stable job to shoot what became the highest-grossing documentary film in Taiwan

Published on Aug 21, 2014 7:15 PM

Taiwanese aerial photographer Chi Po-lin had a job in the civil service with a comfortable salary, but just a few years away from receiving a substantial pension payout, he gave it all up to shoot a documentary on the environmental hazards that have ravaged Taiwan's beautiful landscape.

To finance the NT90 million (S$3.7 million) project, the 50-year-old mortgaged his Taipei home. His actions even led to his teenage son questioning him: "Dad, will we have enough money for me to attend university?"

Thankfully, the first-time director's sacrifices and efforts paid off - Beyond Beauty: Taiwan From Above won the Best Documentary Feature at the recent 50th Golden Horse Awards.

The documentary opens in selected cinemas here next Thursday, after it was well-received at its first screening here at the Singapore Chinese Film Festival in April.

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