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10 of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors

Published on May 1, 2014 2:43 PM

George Clooney is ready to tie the knot, and the world seems to have turned into a sadder, colder place for many single women hoping to snag someone like him. Fortunately, there's still a bunch of guys who are free for the taking - sort of.

If you could get any one of these hottiess off the market, who would you choose?

1. Ryan Gosling, 33

The once thin and awkward boy on Mickey Mouse Club has matured into one of the hottest and most buffed items in Hollywood.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio, 36

Leo has been the dream of many girls who have grown into women and who have followed his career through the years. Sure, there are reports that he has moved in with his girlfriend, Toni Garrn, but where there's no ring, there's hope, right?

3. Joseph Gordon Levitt, 33
Here is another candidate who has a girlfriend. But JGL has said in the past that he does not like talking about his relationships in public. As the saying goes, what you don't know can't hurt you. You can pretend he's all yours for the taking.

4. Bradley Cooper, 39
Always the charming one, whether he plays the role of a mischievous friend or a homosexual airline passenger. And he brought his mother to the Oscars. What's not to love?

5. Jake Gyllenhaal, 33
You might not be able to pronounce his last name, but you can stare at his pictures forever.

6. Jude Law, 41
He has lost some hair but the charm is still there. Watch Music From Another Room and you will want to keep him forever.

7. Tom Hiddleston, 33
His poetry-reading skills will melt you.

8. Usher, 35
He is a songwriter, singer, dancer, actor, businessman and philanthropist. What more could you ask for?

9. Benedict Cumberbatch, 37
He is hot as Sherlock, hot as Khan, and hot even as Smaug the fictional dragon!

10. James Franco, 36
Surely, you can look beyond the reports saying he tried to hook up with a minor via Instagram. He's probably still a nice guy deep inside.