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When death is part of life

Recent events have made me think about life and death, especially since I am a caregiver to my parents

Published on Jun 22, 2014 1:08 PM

The problem with being an atheist is you believe in only one life.

No going to heaven after you die; no rebirth conditioned by your karma; no transmigration of your soul.

Life and death, then, is viewed through very different lens.

It's like going on a holiday knowing you will never return to the same country again. There is that urgency to cramp in the sights, soak up all the adventures and maximise your limited time. Yet, because our lives run on for so much longer than a typical holiday, you forget to enjoy yourself on your journey. Instead, you cuss at the touts who fleeced you, you whine about losing your passport, and you blame your bad luck for getting caught in a typhoon.

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