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Ugly is the new hip

Hipster glasses with thick plastic frames are cool because they suck and everyone is wearing them

Published on Aug 12, 2014 11:00 AM

The other night, I found myself making a special trip to the Japanese fashion chain Uniqlo after work to try on a pair of hipster glasses.

I couldn't take it anymore. Everyone is wearing them these days.

At the gym that morning, I found that any guy with a half-decent body was putting them on in the locker room as he readied himself for work. Later that afternoon, at a meeting in Raffles Place, I realised that every single executive in the room, man or woman, under the age of 40 was wearing a pair.

I used to think that my barefaced look simply suggested a stubborn resistance to a fickle fashion trend - something which is itself trendy in some circles. Now, I'm beginning to think it just shows me up as an old man who's possibly unaware of either trend.

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