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Trashion Fashion: Promoting environmental awareness through art

Published on Jun 1, 2014 3:37 PM

The mere mention of fashion shows would almost always bring to mind luxurious fabrics, fancy pieces of jewellery and other accessories, and expensive parties. But a recent fashion event in New York hardly had any of that.

Trashion Fashion Show, now on its fourth year, exhibited dresses using materials like coffee filters, pita wrappers and plastic bags to promote environmental awareness. As it was meant to be a zero-waste and low-carbon footprint event, the show took advantage of natural lighting with models strutting on a "runway" on a building rooftop.

"The designers were so talented and diverse and they expertly contributed to our mission of inspiring by recycled design.  All designs were made from clean waste that otherwise would be in a landfill," said show founder Amy Merli on The dresses were designed by New York-based middle and high school students, as well as professional designers.