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Sales of remote-controlled drones are on the rise among hobbyists

Drone racers love the thrill of capturing views from the air but the machines' popularity has raised concerns

Published on May 18, 2014 12:22 PM

On weekends, you will find hobbyists dotting the open fields in areas such as old Holland Road, Tuas and Punggol.

Armed with chairs, hats and insect repellent, they watch eagerly as grass blades whirr and remote-controlled machines lift off into the air. But these are not radiocontrolled plane enthusiasts - instead, they are there to raise drones.

Watching eagerly as their batterypowered drones respond to their toggling on a remote controller by shifting and dipping, these drone racers bond as they put their machines through their paces.

Sales of these drones have doubled in the three years they have been available here, though their popularity has flagged privacy concerns that drone cameras could invade people's personal spaces.

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