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Gone too soon

For some years now, I've been grappling with the fear that I would one day lose my mother. That fear came true last month

Published on Jul 13, 2014 4:21 PM

One night in Kuala Lumpur two months ago, I took my mother out for dinner.

We went to Fatty Mok Hakka Yong Tau Foo in Salak South Garden, where she lived for the last 40 years. Between us, we polished off 15 pieces of yong tau foo; mum had a bowl of noodles to boot.

Then I drove her to a dessert cafe in a neighbouring estate. Both of us ordered almond milk. I took a picture as she happily tucked into hers. When I showed it to her, she grimaced and said she looked ugly but allowed me to upload it on Facebook. I captioned it: "Just me, mum and our favourite dessert."

I saw her again three weeks later, under much sadder circumstances. She was in hospital and I had to sign the consent forms for her to undergo an operation.

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