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'Frozen' dress sold out in Singapore

The blue-and-white gown worn by Queen Elsa in the animated film Frozen is so popular here that stores say it is sold out

Published on Apr 20, 2014 11:30 AM

Disney's top-grossing animated film Frozen has spawned a red-hot best-seller: The sparkly blue-and- white gown worn by Queen Elsa in the movie is the latest must-have outfit among girls in kindergartens and primary schools.

Bloomberg reported last week that stores across the United States have sold out the dress, which comes with a cape and is adorned with snowflake motifs. Originals, priced from US$50 (S$62) to US$150 at Disney stores and parks, are being hawked for up to US$1,600 on auction site eBay, and desperate parents are sewing their own or forking out up to US$225 for replicas on craft sites such as Etsy.

It is the same story here. A quick check with nine stores here, including OG and Takashimaya Department Store, found that they either did not carry the Disney original dress or it was sold out.

To cope with demand, some websites and costume shops are sewing and selling replicas.

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