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Ball of a time in Brazil

The true spirit of football can make strangers chant in unison and hug one another

Published on Jul 17, 2014 2:07 PM

Maybe it made sense in the heat of the moment but thinking back about it now, I'm beginning to question the series of snap decisions that ended up with me publicly embracing a waiter whose entire relationship with me up to that point can be summed up with the words "Uma cerveja, por favor" (One beer please in Portuguese).

But then, when searching for the true spirit of football, I guess you have to expect the unexpected.

To be clear, I was not searching for the true spirit of football for myself.

I, as a long-time Manchester United fan who has never so much as set foot in England, am already well marinated in football spirit. I was searching for true football spirit for the benefit of my travelling companions who happen to be women.

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