Canine floral creations selling fast for Year of the Dog

To usher in the Year of the Dog, florists and nurseries are rolling out canine-themed creations along with perennial festive favourites

Candy Floriculture owner Sharon Goh with her dog-themed novelty creations.
Candy Floriculture owner Sharon Goh with her dog-themed novelty creations.ST PHOTO: LEE JIA WEN

With less than two weeks to the Year of the Dog, florists and nurseries are expecting strong demand for dog-themed creations, though perennial festive favourites such as the pussy willow and pachira (money tree) remain popular.

This year's novelty products include canine-inspired plant pots and plants grown in the shape of dogs. Some florists and nurseries are reporting brisk sales for these items.

Candy Floriculture in Thomson Road has rolled out plants that have been grown to resemble the shape of a dog. All 10 of its auspicious dog-shaped carmonas, at $80 a pot, have been sold out.

Its newest pup-themed offering is made-to-order dog-in-a-basket arrangements created using chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, roses and Mandarin oranges.

Owner Sharon Goh, 58, says: "A dog is a man's best friend. I think dog lovers will like it."

The arrangements, priced at $148 (including delivery costs) can also be a Valentine's gift, she adds. This year, Valentine's Day is two days before Chinese New Year.

Next week, Candy Floriculture, a wholesaler and distributor, will also bring in four seasons lime plants from Vietnam ($680 or $2,800), which have been grown in the shape of a crouching dog complete with pointy ears and plastic eyes.

Wood Flower Cottage in Siglap Road has sold all 10 of its Prosperity Pineapple Arrangements with Hwang Hwang Dogs. Hwang means yellow in Chinese, which is considered an auspicious colour in Chinese culture. Ms Alice Kwah, 39, the flower boutique's director, says the word also sounds like another Chinese character "wang", which means prosperity and sounds like a dog's bark.


The $100 creations feature the store's signature pineapple-shaped flower arrangement coupled with oranges fashioned to look like dogs. Each arrangement takes up to two hours to put together. Taking that into account and the busy period leading up to Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year, the florist has decided not to make any more of that.

Its other dog-shaped arrangement, called Doggie Blooms ($36 a pair), is still available.

Pooch-inspired plant pots are also expected to be a hit.

For the past six years, 107-year-old nursery and landscaping business Nyee Phoe Group in Neo Tiew Crescent has been selling porcelain pots shaped like the year's zodiac animal. This year's dog-shaped pots ($33 each) come in six colours and with auspicious plants such as succulents and Zamioculcas.

Director Kenny Eng, 44, says the limited-edition pots have become something of a collector's item and usually sell out a week before Chinese New Year.

At Far East Flora, which has four retail garden centres, there is the "gold series table gardens" of potted plants that come with golden dog sculptures. Prices start at $88.

Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape in Punggol East, which is seeing brisk sales for its cherry blossoms, says mutt-themed tassels and auspicious tags with the "wang" character will be hung on plants. The ornaments' colours are dog-inspired - featuring "a lot of burnt orange, matte gold and yellows", says owner Gracelyn Lin, 38.

Some buyers, however, are more interested in standard seasonal offerings.

Businessman Chin Teck Chuan, 53, who was at Candy Floriculture on Thursday, says: "We buy only the traditional plants. I like plants that have some lucky significance, like da ji da li (great fortune in Chinese)."

Barking in the new year



What: Dog-shaped porcelain pots with auspicious plants, $33 for one, $59 for two

Where: Nyee Phoe Flower Garden, 240 Neo Tiew Crescent; tel: 6793-6500



What: Four seasons lime grown in the shape of a pooch, $680 (70cm tall) or $2,800 (up to 2m tall)

Where: Candy Floriculture, 567 Thomson Road; tel: 6256-6788



What: Dog-shaped blooms, $36 a pair

Where: Wood Flower Cottage, 55 Siglap Road; tel: 6244-2904



What: Gold series table gardens, from $88

Where: Far East Flora @ Thomson, 555 Thomson Road, tel: 6254-6662; Far East Flora @ Queensway, 590 Queensway, tel: 6472-5365; Goodwood Florist, 565 Thomson Road, tel: 6254-7722; Bedok Garden & Landscape, No.4A Bedok South Road, tel: 6244-2216

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