Starbucks' premium coffee drive

Starbucks plans to build 30 tasting rooms worldwide and place coffee bars in 20 per cent of today's cafes.

NEW YORK (REUTERS) - $10 coffee - that's what Starbucks co-founder Howard Schultz wants you to drink at the new Starbucks 'Reserve' brand.

When he swaps his CEO role for executive chairman role in April, Schultz will be pushing these big roastery and tasting rooms in 30 cities around the world. That's in addition to 1000 smaller scale Reserve brand stores. and one in five Starbucks cafes will get coffee bars in them as well.

"It definitely feels like a Starbucks but definitely a more upscale version. There's this bar there where the barista kind of acts like a bartender. You know, people are sitting down. They're serving all these kinds of specially made coffee that sometimes could take as long as ten minutes to make, and they're explaining to you everything that they're doing. It's designed to keep the customer in the store for as long as possible. So it's more for like the weekend crowd than say like the morning rush," said Reuters correspondent Tim Baysinger.

The sweeping roastery tasting room concept made its debut on Starbucks' home turf, Seattle. Price tag for the industrial-chic space and design - $20 million.

Some analysts say it's a bid to reinvent its image from "your parents' coffeehouse" to one that appeals to millennials more likely to frequent a Blue Bottle or Intelligentsia.

Both are threats to the high-end that Starbucks was first to dominate.