Robotic sommelier decants wine to your taste

Engineers build a device that automatically blends wine to the user's taste, letting them customise their tipple based on simple terms like full-bodied or light, dry or sweet. REUTERS

UNITED KINGDOM (REUTERS) - Engineers have built a robotic sommelier called Vinfusion that can help you blend a glass of wine to your specific taste. The system is pre-loaded with four distinct base wines that can be mixed together into hundreds of new flavour combinations.

The wine dispensed - while certainly quaffable - would be unlikely to pass muster with serious wine lovers.

Vinfusion's makers deliberately chose base wines priced around the US$10 (S$14.5) mark, the average consumer spend on a bottle in Britain.

Vinfusion could, in theory, be loaded with finer wines producing a higher quality beverage.

For wine snobs, however, any Vinfusion vintage might just be too unpalatable.