Dairy store in Australia creates chocolate-infused cheese

Curds & Whey's chocolate-infused cheese.
Curds & Whey's chocolate-infused cheese.PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/QUEEN VICTORIA MARKET

MELBOURNE (THE PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Cheese and chocolate are delectable foods that typically don’t go hand-in-hand, but a dairy specialist in Australia has found a way to combine both items.

For foodies seeking a sweet yet salty treat, Melbourne-based company  Curds & Whey has come up with the novel chocolate-infused cheese.

Called Choco 21, the Italian blue cheese—which looks like a full blown chocolate cake—has been ripened in a chocolate liqueur, rubbed with cocoa and decorated with chocolate chips.

“The blue itself is quite mild, and the liqueur adds the chocolate flavor without being sweet,” creator Anna Burley described her innovative concoction to Mashable.

Despite being introduced just a few weeks ago, Choco 21 has been a big hit among foodies and has created a buzz on social media for its unique taste and unlikely combination of ingredients.

“The customer reaction to the product had been very positive before the post went viral, we had been expecting it to be popular but were surprised at just how much of a conversation starter it has proved to be,” Ms Burley said.