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Paid blog posts becoming more common

How do paid posts affect a blog's credibility?

Published on May 11, 2014 1:18 PM

With bloggers reviewing everything from hotels to beauty products to baby strollers these days, brands are willing to pay for such seemingly spontaneous word of mouth.

Enter the blog post-advertorial: sponsored blog entries involving free or discounted trips and products, and around which an entire ecosystem has sprung up - from bloggers' agents to companies that liaise with and supply bloggers with goodies.

Public relations firms say that as social media marketing takes off, they now draft formal agreements between their clients and bloggers: A typical contract covers the required number of posts and pictures, and the types of social media channels that will be used by the blogger, in exchange for payment in cash or kind.

Yet, with paid blog posts becoming increasingly common, surfing through blog reviews becomes more complicated too.

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Background story

“I spend three to four hours at an event, and then another three to four hours editing and researching before my post goes up. That is about seven hours worth of work. If I am to spend such effort helping a company, some monetary compensation would be helpful.”

Blogger Daniel Ang of