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New pop-up dining event lets you be part of a play

You can be part of a show while eating at a new pop-up dining event held at a location to be revealed only on the actual day

Published on May 2, 2014 12:25 PM

Why watch a show when you can be part of it - and enjoy a good meal to boot?

This is the concept behind new pop-up dining event The Hideaway, organised by local event management company And So Forth. It will be held at a secret location on May 11 and 18.

Co-founder Emily Png, 24, tells Life!: "Wouldn't it be cool to have dinner with Romeo and Juliet? Imagine you are invited to their wedding. At our event, the actors are right next to you and interacting with you. The experience will be very different from watching a show unfold on stage."

She is keeping the theme of the dinner, along with the venue, a secret. Registered guests will receive an SMS on the day, with clues pointing to the location. A restaurant in central Singapore, which seats about 80, will be given a makeover for the night and a chef will whip up a four-course meal. Tickets cost $125 and the price includes one alcoholic drink.

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When: May 11 and 18, 7pm

Admission: $125. Book online at