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New loaf of my life

Published on May 4, 2014 7:38 PM

One of my favourite things to do was to go to Maison Kayser and get one of its excellent baguettes and a couple of the boulangerie's Pain Aux Yuzu. This was a white, crusty roll with chunks of aromatic yuzu peel in it. I would toast it, split it in half and have it with a cup of tea for breakfast. The aroma of toasted bread studded with yuzu was amazing.

One day, I went to get some and found it had been removed from the roster. Gone, just like that.

I ranted at the hapless staff behind the counter and whined about it to everyone who would listen. I contemplated starting a petition to bring back the roll. Short of reverse engineering it, I thought there was no way it would ever come back. Well, life sometimes surprises you.

Recently, I went to get a baguette and my eyes went to the shelf where the yuzu rolls used to sit. Could this be true? I saw the words Campagne Yuzu (above right) and did a double take.

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