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Five fun facts on the Peking Duck

Published on Jul 29, 2014 12:35 PM

Chinese cuisine is all around the world. Among the diverse dishes, Peking Duck is no doubt one of the most famous.

The Quanjude restaurant, known globally for its Peking Duck, is marking its 150th anniversary with the launch of a museum documenting everything you need to know about this iconic dish.

Here are five facts about the bird dish:

1) Peking Duck's southern roots

The name is a misnomer as the dish originated from Nanjing, where its recipe was crafted by the court kitchens. The dish 'moved' to Beijing together with a Ming dynasty emperor when he shifted the seat of power.

2) Many stages of preparation

The museum features 20 models showcasing each stage of the dish preparation. One stage shows the bird pumped full of air to separate the skin from the fat.

3) Performance art

Cutting up the crispy-skinned duck is a skill on its own. Some might even call it performance art, as the chef deftly slices the skin into neat pieces of the perfect size to each be eaten in one mouthful.

4) Famous people eat famous duck

According to the museum, US dignitaries such as Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger tucked into Peking duck during their landmark visit to China in 1972.

5) Ducks galore

To date, Quanjude restaurant says it has sold 196 million ducks worldwide - and that's not a quack figure.