Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014
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Move over, crab and prawn. The hottest crustacean in town is the fancy lobster, which is popping up in restaurants in the form of lobster rolls.
The recent suggestion by the Penang state government to ban foreigners working as main cooks at hawker stalls has raised concerns over falling standards in the Malaysian state’s food heritage. But, if my eating trip there in May is any indication, there is still plenty of good hawker food to be found.
A couple of months ago, a colleague asked me where she should go for teppanyaki.
Premium vegetables commonly used in Western cooking are sprouting up more commonly in the heartlands.
Not content with just creating new recipes for diners, some chefs are going into research and development to produce new ingredients and harness cutting-edge technology to come up with new creations.
With the thriving cafe scene in Singapore, it is no surprise to find new joints opening in various locations all over the island every week.
After an eight-month hiatus, modern Singaporean restaurant Wild Rocket reopens on Tuesday at Mount Emily's Hangout Hotel in Upper Wilkie Road.
I haven't enjoyed Hunan cuisine in years, since Charming Garden in Dunearn Road closed down in the Noughties and Cherry Garden at the Mandarin Oriental hotel switched to a Cantonese menu.

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