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Food & Wine

The latest crop of Singapore Hawker Masters have emerged, but diners will have to wait until March to taste food from two of the six winning stalls.
BORDEAUX (AFP) - It was another poor harvest this year for that most famous of French wines, but Bordeaux enthusiasts can celebrate a "rare" vintage blessed by an abundance of autumn sun, local producers say.
After 17 years of waging war in Middle Earth, director Peter Jackson's epic journey is almost at an end with the release of The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies and the overriding feeling, he says, is one of relief.
Seafood and pasta are Christmas must-haves for Mr Giovanni Viterale, 49.
The sight of flower pots piled with soil-like crumbs and sitting next to pastries and cakes is drawing curious stares at cake counters. Meet the dirt cake, a confection that looks more at home in a garden than on a dining table.
Roast turkey, ham, logcakes and cookies abound at Christmas time, and can be a nightmare for those who want to eat healthily.
This Christmas, The Fullerton Hotel is offering two types of panettone or sweet Italian Christmas bread. One is more traditional, with lemon peel and zest, orange peel, sultanas and almonds, while the other is a chocolate version - its rounded top is coated with lush Amedei chocolate and speckled with toasted macadamias and granules of crystal sugar.
Why waste precious stomach space on boring old eats. Here are some interesting eats, available only this time of the year, to satisfy any of your holiday hankerings.

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