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Its popular dishes include Indonesian tahu telur, beef rendang, paru belado, ayam gulai, ikan belado hijau, sotong masak hitam and gulai nangka.
The year was 1978 and 16-year-old Sunny Goh was working at Red House Seafood, then located in Upper East Coast Road, as an order-taker while waiting for his O-level results.
LOS ANGELES (AFP) - US police said on Friday they have recovered most of the estimated US$300,000 (S$403,260) worth of fine wine stolen from the fabled Napa Valley restaurant The French Laundry on Christmas Day.
SINGAPORE - Fourteen ingredients go into McDonald's french fries made in the United States, a video posted this week by the fast food group has revealed.
Undergraduate Carmen Yeo plans to whip up a steamboat feast for her family for Chinese New Year.
Granny Smiths, Fujis and Royal Galas are readily available in supermarkets, but stores now stock many more apple varieties. Here is a round-up of recent discoveries.
The New Paper talks to TV presenter Dominic Lau about his favourite dishes and type of cuisine.
Where else can you get a steaming bowl of laksa for only $2? We head down to Sungei Road Laksa, where the traditional version of laksa is served sans chopsticks, and at an old-school price of just $2.

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