Food outlets near parks should allow pets

I read with interest Bryna Sim's article on the poor business at Parkland Green in East Coast Park (Where Are The Crowds?, Life, Dec 11).

I am a dog owner. The eateries at Parkland Green are next to the beach and park connector, which are places where many people take their pets. Yet, none of the eateries there is pet-friendly.

I know pets are banned from many places because of hygiene concerns and cultural sensitivities. But why are there so few concessions when it comes to granting pet- friendly licences to eateries located in parks, beaches or open spaces?

For instance, after a walk with my dogs at Gardens by the Bay, there is no eatery I can take them to within the premises.

At Bishan Park, only Canopy Garden Dining and Cornerstone allow dogs, while McDonald's and Grub refuse to serve pet owners.


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At the Botanic Gardens, only Casa Verde is pet-friendly, while Food For Thought refuses to allow pets even in its alfresco area.

Leow Peck San, Sandy

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