Amorepacific: Taking the world of beauty by storm

In Singapore and across the Asean region, Amorepacific offers its cushion products through brands such as Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Mamonde, Etude and innisfree.
In Singapore and across the Asean region, Amorepacific offers its cushion products through brands such as Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Mamonde, Etude and innisfree.

The secret to being the best is long, hard work and nobody knows this better than Amorepacific.

Having spent the past decade researching ways to continuously develop its cushion compact range, Amorepacific's cushion products are truly unparalleled in the beauty market.

Recognised as one of world's most innovative companies, this company is dominating the cushion compact case market with its "skin creation" philosophy which refers to creating flawless, natural-looking face make-up.

Amorepacific first pioneered the 'cushion' category in 2008 through its IOPE brand.

Cushion refers to a compact case encasing a sponge soaked in liquid formula that is a combination of sunscreen, foundation and skincare ingredients.

What this resulted in was an easy way to apply sunscreen and lightweight make-up anytime, anywhere. A recent survey revealed that its cushion cuts women's make-up time by half, revolutionising make-up routines of women.

Since then, Amorepacific has released diverse cushion products from its 15 brands to meet varying customer needs. In addition, Amorepacific established an in-house research unit - Cushion Lab - solely for the development of cushion technologies.

In Singapore and across the Asean region, the company offers its cushion heritage through top performing brands such as Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Mamonde, Etude and innisfree.

Amorepacific's cushion technology has gone beyond foundation, across make-up categories such as blushers, eyebrow kits and even concealers.

This year, Amorepacific elevated its cushion technology once again by releasing Ultra-fine Dispersion and 3D Sponge technology.

Ultra-fine Dispersion technology refines the cushion formula particle size by 30%, ensuring an even more weightless coverage.

The new 3D sponge complements this formula through a structure which ensures higher durability and absorption. The 3D sponge also releases the same amount of cushion formula consistently, which is why it is great even for users who are trying cushion for the first time.

Both new technologies have been incorporated into the new Laneige BB Cushion, which was released last July in Singapore.

Within the last two years, there has been a rapid growth of the cushion market. Based on Amorepacific sales data in 2015, one Amorepacific cushion was bought off the shelf each second.

This year, the company outdid its previous year's performance within the third quarter by exceeding the 100 million unit sales mark on a cumulative basis.

To celebrate this success and to present its cushion heritage to Asean customers who love cushion products, Amorepacific hosted a "Cushion: Unpacked" event on Nov 17 in Penang which was attended by media and influencers from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The event highlighted the extensive research and development effort that Amorepacific has steadily been carrying out to show its level of commitment to its customers in Asean markets.

The programme featured key speakers such as Kyungho Choi (developer of Amorepacific's first cushion and head of Cushion Lab), Robin Na (head of Amorepacific's Asean Business Operations) and Amorepacific's Makeup Artist Vivi Ahn.

Amorepacific’s Cushion offerings in Singapore

1. Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo is a holistic beauty brand that pursues harmonious beauty inspired by Asian philosophy and wisdom.

Sulwhasoo offers the 'perfecting cushion', which delivers long-lasting coverage for a naturally flawless complexion.

True to the brand's philosophy, the 'perfecting cushion' contains Korean herbal medicinal ingredients apricot, kernel oil and jaumdan water to provide anti-ageing and hydrating effects.

2. Laneige

Based on in-depth research into water, the foundation of healthy skin, Laneige provides a variety of skincare and make-up products for women to unleash their sparkling beauty from within.

Laneige offers the famed BB Cushion, a cushion product which received over 80 beauty awards from around the world.

3. Mamonde

Mamonde is a brand inspired by flowers, offering a variety of skincare and make-up products that are based on research into the vitality of flowers.

Mamonde offers 'cover powder cushion' which includes powder that imitates a peach flower petal's mechanism.

This results in natural, long-lasting coverage that is perfect for humid weather.

4. Innisfree

Innisfree is Korea's No. 1 nature-friendly beauty brand which sources its ingredients and inspiration from the pristine island of Jeju. 

Innisfree offers 'My Cushion'. Customers can perfectly customise their cushion by choosing from Innisfree's 12 types of cushion bases, four types of puffs and 100 types of cushion cases.

5. Etude

As Korea's first colour make-up brand, Etude products offer adorable charm, fun, and an easy to use make-up culture.

The brand shares its playful experiences and trends across Asia.

Etude's cushion offering includes 'Precious Mineral Any Cusion' which creates beautiful pearly bright skin with full coverage and smoothing effects.