Kit Chan says I Am A Singer experience was about staying true to herself

Singapore songbird Kit Chan, 42, says that her much-watched stint on China singing reality contest I Am A Singer has only confirmed her belief of staying true to herself.

She will be singing a ballad during her highly anticipated return to the competition in the revival round that will be aired this Friday on China's Hunan TV.

"You might lose the competition, but you will win fans, people who get you. I felt it was the sensible thing to do - to win fans who like what I do now," says Chan, who could not comment on the results of this Friday's contest.

Despite being the first to be eliminated from the show in January, her performance garnered her new fans in China and praise from critics and peers.

Sticking to her low-key, melodious singing style, she performed a rendition of late Leslie Cheung's Cantopop ballad Left And Right Hands. The song was included in her covers album, Re-interpreting Kit Chan (2011).

Explaining her choice of song, she says: "I haven't done a song like that, it was really quite sultry and soulful. I know it is a song that may not be readily received in China, I felt like I was on a mission to show different sorts of music. Plus the song's composer, Jimmy Ye, is a Singaporean."

She was speaking at Tuesday's press conference to promote her upcoming solo concert on June 12 and 13 at The Star Theatre. It has been four years since her last concert in Singapore.

Her concert ticket sales will probably enjoy a boost from her presence on the popular reality show. A previous contestant, Hong Kong-based G.E.M., held three sold-out concerts in Singapore in January and February.

The elegant Chan reveals that she had already made plans to hold her concert last September, two months before being invited to join the contest.

She is not bothered about ticket sales, saying it is something for the concert organisers to worry about.

As the concert's creative director, she came up with the title of the show - Spellbound.

Her inspiration came when, sitting by the window in her home, she thought about what is her favourite moment onstage.

"I realised that it was the state of being spellbound. When you watch a show, there are many reasons to get excited - the fireworks, the sexy clothes. But for me, my favourite moment is when I'm really into it," she says.

Though she gets to pick the songs she wants to perform at the concert, fans can rest assured that they will get to hear favourites such as Heartache, Worried and Home.

She says: "They get to hear Home every year (at the National Day Parade), but it's a song I feel I have to sing.

"I do get sick of singing some of my songs, but not Home. I know Home is my song, but I see it like it's a song that belongs to everyone."

Though Chan will forever be remembered for singing the iconic National Day song composed by Dick Lee, she is not keen to create another song to commemorate the nation's 50th birthday this year.

She says: "Sometimes I get ministers telling me, 'Hey Kit, can you go create another Home?' I would say, 'Why would you want another Home?' If you want another song, write another song."

Kit Chan Spellbound Concert 2015 tickets (from $88 to $178) are available via Sistic from today.