King of K-Pop G-Dragon gives bro-in-law a customised motorbike he personally designed

The customised motorbike was hand-decorated by the star himself.
The customised motorbike was hand-decorated by the star himself.PHOTOS: DAMI KWON/INSTAGRAM, G-DRAGON/INSTAGRAM

SEOUL - Imagine marrying into the same family as Kwon Ji-yong, also known as G-Dragon. And then your birthday rolls around, and the King of K-Pop gives you a gift - a customised motorbike that he designed himself.

The man in such an enviable position is South Korean actor Kim Min-joon. The 44-year-old married Kwon Dami, G-Dragon's sister, last October after meeting on a blind date.

In a series of Instagram Stories, Dami, 37, shared images of a recent family gathering. According to South Korean pop culture news outlet, Koreaboo, it was a joint birthday celebration for G-Dragon, Dami, and her husband.

In one of the Stories, she wrote: "Celebrating the birthdays of my husband, me, and Jiyong. We were all born in the summer"

Dami shared multiple photos of the mini-feast they enjoyed, as well as the gifts they got for each other, the most exciting being what G-Dragon gave his brother-in-law.

The customised motorbike was hand-decorated by the South Korean rapper-songwriter-fashion designer himself. For instance, he personally wrote "MIN JUN KIM", "ACTOR", and "24th JULY" on a sticker on the bike's back tail.

Dami wrote teasingly: "My kind brother's gift to his brother-in-law. What are you gonna give him, hubby?"