Hot Shots: Sexy bodyguards are stealing the limelight

Sexy bodyguards are stealing the limelight from the famous people they protect

The new South Korean President, Mr Moon Jae In, has been a hot topic on social media since being sworn into office last week - and not just for his policies.

Netizens are going gaga over one of his bodyguards, Mr Choi Young Jae, square-jawed, chiselled and altogether movie-star-like.

After pictures of him went viral, there was so much hype over him that the President's campaign office has come out to say that the bodyguard is "unfortunately married" and has two daughters.

Mr Choi, 36, has also spoken out in an interview with The Korea Times newspaper about his concerns over stealing the limelight from the President.

He is not the only bodyguard to find himself the centre of attention. The Sunday Times found five others who threaten to steal the spotlight from the stars they are hired to protect.

Peter Van der Veen


Bodyguard of pop singer Adele

Well, Hello.

As soon as Mr Peter Van der Veen was photographed alongside British singing superstar Adele (both right) in 2015 during a promotional visit to the United States, the Internet instantly fell in love with his blue eyes and smart suit.

Twitter user @Nichole_Herndon wrote: "Although I love the new @Adele album, I think I'm more obsessed with her bodyguard."

Before working for Adele, he worked as the security detail for another pop star, Lady Gaga.

Choi Young Jae


Bodyguard of South Korean President Moon Jae In

Mr Choi Young Jae (above) feels slightly embarrassed by the attention he has been receiving on social media.

In an interview with The Korea Times earlier this week, the 36-year-old hunk, who is said to be a master of multiple martial arts, was quoted as saying: "I feel good... but I'm concerned about the spotlight and attention focused on me. Attention should be paid to the President, not me. I don't want to steal the limelight."

With his strong jawline, high cheekbones and poreless-looking skin, the bodyguard could pass off as a hunky South Korean drama actor.

Twitter user @kelblogg wrote: "Why is he so stunningly handsome. Is that safe???"

Meanwhile, another Twitter user @YulinKuang started drafting a story for a "multi-season TV show", where he falls in love with a "plucky heroine... in a misunderstanding where he thinks she's part of a plot to assassinate the president when really she was just bad at catering".

Here is hoping that Mr Choi will consider going into show business, as he is not likely to surface much in public anymore. According to reports, he was serving President Moon only during the campaign period.

Mr Choi, who is married with two daughters, actually works full-time as a businessman, although details of his business are not known.

Greg Lenz


Bodyguard of Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence

Among the attractive bodyguards Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence has been known to employ, her bodyguard of the last two years, Mr Greg Lenz (both above), is a clear winner.

Tall, boyish and often seen in tight button-down shirts, he looks like he has walked straight out of an Abercrombie & Fitch advertisement. Twitter user @TiaChaCha67 wrote, in reference to Lawrence's ex-boyfriend, Coldplay singer Chris Martin: "This is Jennifer Lawrence's bodyguard? yummm! He makes Chris M look like an old shoe tbh."

Mr Lenz is married to his college sweetheart.

But that will not stop smitten women from looking out for him on the red carpet of Lawrence's next movie.

Tim Chung


Bodyguard of reality TV personality Kylie Jenner

Everything that reality television personality Kylie Jenner posts on social media is watched closely by her fans, but one particular Instagram post last year took all the attention away from herself.

In the picture, which is captioned only with an emoji of a crown, she is seen reaching to open a car door, as a tall, dark and handsome man standing next to her attempts to beat her to it.

Twitter user @sagittharryus commented: "If Kylie Jenner doesn't date her bodyguard or whoever that man is opening her car door for her... I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE."

That man has been identified as Jenner's bodyguard, Mr Tim Chung (left), who has since become a star in his own right, with his personal Instagram account (@timmm.c) amassing 56,600 followers to date.

Name unknown


Bodyguard of Chinese actor and martial artist Wang Baoqiang

Being a seasoned martial artist, Wang does not really need a bodyguard. But he has one anyway - one who is good-looking enough to cause netizens to share pictures of Wang whenever the two are photographed together.

With slicked-back hair and often pictured in stylish street wear, Wang's bodyguard (above), whose name has not been reported, could easily pass off as a member of a boyband.

Next to Wang, in fact, the hired help is the one who looks more like the movie star.

The same bodyguard is said to have worked previously for other celebrities, such as singer Xiao Shenyang and model-actress Du Juan.

Liu Zhongwei

Liu Zhongwei PHOTO: WEIBO

Bodyguard of Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming

Known for his good looks and affable charm, Huang Xiaoming (left, in white) is one of China's top movie stars.

Ever since he hired Mr Liu Zhongwei (far left) as his bodyguard two years ago, however, even his own fans have been distracted by the latter's hunkiness, taking to Internet forums to discuss who he is.

Dubbed China's "hottest bodyguard", the 1.88m-tall Liu is often said to resemble Japanese idol Shun Ogiri.

Fangirls wishing for any personal protection from Mr Liu can give up hope - in January, he tied the knot with Chinese actress Sun Li's manager, Ms Guo Si.

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