Go ahead quote me

James Van Der Beek.
James Van Der Beek.
Jesseca Liu.
Jesseca Liu.

I'm not as invested in that because it was something that I did, not something that I wrote. I was a part of it. I felt like a passenger on the whole thing.

ACTOR JAMES VAN DER BEEK on starring in television's Dawson's Creek

We're very strange. I'm buying his clothes. He's looking for clothes for me. We've been influencing each other.

ACTRESS JESSECA LIU, who wed comedian Jeremy Chan last month

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You can't be this disengaged robot. When you're going through it, I'm sitting across from this woman who's bawling and putting her heart out, how do you not cry?'

CHRIS HARRISON on hosting reality television show The Bachelorette

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