Go Ahead Quote Me

Occasionally, I do think, 'You should have got fed up by now, you should be jaded.' But then I still enjoy writing, I still enjoy singing. What am I gonna do? You see so many people who retire and then immediately expire.''

FORMER BEATLE PAUL MCCARTNEY, who will not be retiring soon

I wake up, perform my little ablutions, then get back into bed with my eye mask on and my earplugs in, and I work. I imagine. I visualise. I create a film in my head.''

ARCHITECT JEAN NOUVEL on spending his mornings in solitude

People are just entertained every day, like crazy, and that's all they're doing. It's a very sad situation, because there are many things that we have to do if we want to survive.''

ARTIST YOKO ONO on passive consumption in the social media age

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