Bake Off's Nadiya Hussain tells of racist abuse on train

Nadiya Hussain in a promotional photo for her BBC show The Chronicles of Nadiya, in which she visits Bangladesh.
Nadiya Hussain in a promotional photo for her BBC show The Chronicles of Nadiya, in which she visits Bangladesh.PHOTO: FACEBOOK

The winner of 2015's Great British Bake Off Nadiya Hussain has been showered with sympathy and good wishes after tweeting about being at the receiving end of racist abuse on a train, says BBC Trending.

Recounting how a man told her "I ain't sitting near a Muslim," she shrugged off the incident, saying "His ignorance is his own ruin."

The 31-year-old, who grew up in Britain and has Bangladeshi parents, says the incident happened on a train service on Wednesday (Dec 14).

While her appearance on the popular television competition has been credited with doing "more for race relations than any government initiative", Hussain has previously disclosed that she expects to be on the receiving end of racism in her daily life.

Hussain, who won Bake Off in 2015, admitted in an interview that she has been "shoved, pushed and verbally abused" in Britain.

Speaking on the BBC's Desert Island Discs, she said: "It sounds really silly because I feel like that's just become part of my life now. I expect it. Absolutely I expect it.

"I expect to be shoved or pushed or verbally abused because it happens and it's been happening for years."

But she said she chose not to retaliate because "there's a dignity in silence".

"I don't want my children to have a negative attitude to living in the UK. Yes there are those negative people but they're the minority.

"I love being British, I love being here and this is my home. I don't want my kids to grow up with a chip on their shoulder.

"All those things that have happened to me? Hey it happens and it happens to other people too, and we deal with it."

Since winning the 2015 edition of the hit British baking show, Hussain has gone on to become a columnist, author and television presenter.

A Sikh competitor in the 2016 competition, Rav Bansal, spoke up in solidarity, following Hussain's tweet.

"Unfortunately a similar thing happened to me again recently. You are a much better person then he will ever be," he said.

Adil Ray, the creator of the British TV series Citizen Khan also teased her, asking "Were you eating a doner kebab again Nadiya???"

And many others told her they would have been happy to sit with her.

"Seriously!? If I'd seen u I'd have squealed, picked u up & twirled u around! I apologise in advance in case this ever happens ;)" said one of the more enthusiastic responses.

"I'm so sorry for what you endure. The only nice thing about this tweet are the replies. He is not one of us. Have a nice day," said another.