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Bogota (Reuters) - Colombia's central bank will print banknotes to honour the country's most celebrated writer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who died in April and who is renowned as the father of magical realism storytelling.
Christmas has come early for some Harry Potters fans. While some root for the boy wizard, others have always been partial to his nemesis Draco Malfoy.
I recently met a woman who told me she threw out all her books when she moved to Singapore from London.
Mr Kenny Chan, store and merchandising director of Books Kinokuniya, insists that he is not a geek.
Would you pay up to $16 every month to read new bestsellers on your tablet or smartphone?
Would you pay up to $16 every month for unlimited access to new bestsellers on your tablet or smartphone? StarHub has started a subscription-based e-book app in partnership with Russian-origin Bookmate, two months after the local telco suspended Booktique, an online store that sold books individually to consumers.
Whether popular, corporate or entitled,"culture" was named word of the year by United States dictionary Merriam-Webster on Monday as a flexible catch-all that can easily identify a subject, idea or issue.
After 50 years of writing and selling 120 million copies of his novels, Wilbur Smith continues to churn out best-selling action-packed adventures set in modern or ancient Africa.

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