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As far as holiday plans go, a cruise has never been at the top of my wish list. The thought of being stuck with the same people over a few days, with limited space to explore my surroundings, is definitely not my idea of fun.
In Cambodia, the private island resort of Song Saa has been cavalier with the clock since it opened three years ago.
Eco-luxury Soneva Resorts group will launch its first "boat villa" at its flagship resort Soneva Fushi in the Maldives next month.
Who: Singaporean Alicia Pan, 31, singer, songwriter and owner of the Yoga Movement chain. She is married to Australian Peter Thew, 33, who is Yoga Movement's brand manager and director.
Global travel company Lonely Planet has announced - early Wednesday morning - its Best in Travel list for 2016 featuring the top 10 countries to visit.


Is sea salt healthier than refined? Should women take supplements daily throughout their pregnancy? Does eating a big meal before drinking alcohol help keep you sober?