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Imagine waking up on a private island, surrounded by glistening white beaches and tranquil blue waters. Fewer than 20 people are around.
Who: South African hotelier James W. McBride, 51, managing partner of Nihiwatu Resort in Sumba, Indonesia. The bachelor and Singapore permanent resident has a son, Sterling, 15, who lives in Washington D.C. in the United States.
The sun rises early on the Mongolian steppe. A cold light pierces through my ger. In my semi- dreamlike state, I fancy that I hear the soft thud of hooves outside.
Who: Alexander Chew, 30, executive producer of dance music festival Road to Ultra Singapore.


Cook Mee: 60 Ways To Jazz Up Your Instant Noodles aims to help noodle lovers find new ways to consume their favourite dish. The recipes are contributed by some of Singapore’s best chefs as well as The Straits Times’ own staff, including food editor Tan Hsueh Yun.

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