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For full-time national serviceman Marcus Lee, spending an afternoon in the company of the who's who of the Singapore theatre scene was an eye-opening experience.
Amid a sea of monochrome, dark-suited attendees, the youngest nominees present, Summer Rae (right), six, and Lola Rae, nine, had the most eye-catching costumes by far, not to mention the wackiest take on The Wolf Of Wall Street-inspired dress code.
14th Life! Theatre Awards winners
The 14th annual Life! Theatre Awards took place on Monday at The St. Regis Singapore, and honoured the best of Singapore theatre last year.
Now into its 14th year, the Life! Theatre Awards is the biggest event for the theatre community. Follow the action as it unfolds at ST_LifeTweets on Twitter and @straits_times on Instagram, #lifetheatreawards.
They have thrown themselves into gruelling roles, putting themselves in the shoes of those who have lost a loved one or playing characters of the opposite sex. Corrie Tan talks to the eight Best Actor and Best Actress nominees on how they prepared for their roles
From speaking to sufferers of bipolar disorder to stomping around a room, the Best Director nominees began their creative journeys at different points.
Good, solid drama forms the backbone of this year's Life! Theatre Awards, with many nominated works bearing the hallmarks of realism and naturalism.
An excellent cast make Alfian Sa'at's Selamat sisters play a triumph.
The Dim Sum Dollies return, re-energised and rejuvenated, in new member Denise Tan's official debut.
Playwright Alfian Sa'at was pondering the brazen escape of former Jemaah Islamiah leader Mas Selamat Kastari from custody here in 2008.
One thing is quite clear by the end of Citizen Pig - navigating the world of real estate in Singapore is not too different from swimming through a shark tank. Those squeaky-clean, candy-coloured blocks of HDB flats come with shadowy secrets, and thespians Oliver Chong and Liu Xiaoyi have arrived on stage to tear into that dark underbelly of apartment politics.
This whirlwind of a play has its problems, but it also has its triumphs and might leave your heart with some scars and scratches along the way.
First Station has produced a bumper crop of daring experiments and collaborations that otherwise may never have come into being.
The unflinching look at bipolar disorder and good cast make Next To Normal a must-watch
Plastered all over one wall in the Pangdemonium rehearsal studio are pages and pages of American actor Juan Jackson's research on the various types of medication for bipolar disorder, in tiny black print.
The work comes suffused with longing, a wistfulness that wraps its tendrils around each vignette.
Curry feels like Cooling Off Day, but with an ingenious show-stopping ending.
While recklessly messy in parts and dawdlingly slow in others, Dreamplay manages to skip along with an infectious abandon, a joyful affirmation of lives once hidden and despised.
Natalie Hennedige's play is a work of creation that deconstructs creation.

Life! Theatre Awards 2014 nominees

Production of the year
For Better Or For Worse (Checkpoint Theatre)
Illogic (Cake Theatrical Productions)
Next To Normal (Pangdemonium)
Rabbit Hole (Pangdemonium)
Twelve Angry Men (Nine Years Theatre)

Best director
Ivan Heng for Dreamplay: Asian Boys Vol. 1 (Wild Rice)
Nelson Chia for Twelve Angry Men (Nine Years Theatre)
Oliver Chong and Liu Xiaoyi for Citizen Pig (The Finger Players)
Tracie Pang for Next To Normal (Pangdemonium)
Tracie Pang for Rabbit Hole (Pangdemonium)

Best original script
Citizen Pig (Oliver Chong and Liu Xiaoyi)
For Better Or For Worse (Faith Ng)
Illogic (Natalie Hennedige)
Kakak Kau Punya Laki (Alfian Sa’at)

Best actor
Adrian Pang (Next To Normal)
Adrian Pang (Rabbit Hole)
Jeffrey Low (Twelve Angry Men)
Najib Soiman (Kakak Kau Punya Laki)
Tay Kong Hui (Twelve Angry Men)

Best actress
Edith Podesta (Illogic)
Janice Koh (Rabbit Hole)
Janice Koh (The Optic Trilogy)
Jean Ng (For Better Or For Worse)
Noorlinah Mohamed (Illogic)

Best supporting actor
Eden Ang (Rabbit Hole)
Johnny Ng (12 Angry Men)
Nathan Hartono (Next To Normal)

Best supporting actress
Seong Hui Xuan (Rabbit Hole)
Serene Chen (8 Women)
Sharda Harrison (The Crucible)

Best ensemble
Cook A Pot Of Curry (Wild Rice)
Dreamplay: Asian Boys Vol. 1 (Wild Rice)
Family Duet (spell#7)
Twelve Angry Men (Nine Years Theatre)

Best set design
Ian Bailie for Jack & The Bean-Sprout
Neon Tights for Illogic
Philip Engleheart for Gruesome Playground Injuries
Philip Engleheart for Next To Normal
Wong Chee Wai for Twelve Angry Men

Best sound design
Philip Tan for Illogic
Philip Tan for Serendipity in Decimal Points: First Station
Zai Kuning for Family Duet

Best lighting design
Andy Lim for Illogic
James Tan for Next To Normal
Mac Chan for Dreamplay: Asian Boys Vol. 1

Best costume design
Anthony Tan for Twelve Angry Men
David Lee for Illogic
Frederick Lee for Crazy Christmas Ting Tong Belles
Philip Engleheart for Next To Normal