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As Iskandar develops, this area will continue to be Johor’s Central Business District and the main gateway into and out of Singapore, via the Causeway. The Iskandar authorities have plans to revamp Johor Baru into a cultural and commercial hub to draw tourists.
In a recent interview, Iskandar Regional Development Authority chief executive Datuk Ismail Ibrahim gave his insights on the planning process behind Iskandar.
Each flagship zone in Iskandar is focused on developing specific sectors, so certain zones might be more suitable for your business. Exporters might prefer Flagship C, a free-trade zone, while Flagship D is the designated industrial and manufacturing hub.
SINGAPORE companies have been doing business in Johor for decades, but the past couple of years has seen a veritable stampede by firms rushing to set up operations there, particularly in Iskandar.
WHEN Kingsmen Creatives expanded its production capacity back in 2005, its top priorities were space, proximity and price.
FOR many local businesses, Iskandar is viewed as a possible alternative to Singapore.
FOR a long time, Iskandar was considered as little more than a backwater.
A VISIT to see friends in Iskandar five years ago convinced Mr Jonathan Ward and his wife, Tina, to give up on looking for a bigger home in Singapore and invest in a property across the Causeway instead.
RETIRED couple Max and Noarma Honegger fell in love in Singapore, got married in Australia and built a house in South Africa.
AS A realtor and investor, Ms Germaine Ng, 40, has had years of experience buying and selling properties, but she had always focused on the Singapore market.

Quick tips for home buyers

  • Research the project's developer
  • Compare prices
  • Examine your finishings

Quick tips for businesses

  • Location is key
  • Do your homework
  • Seek local know-how