Forum: Why wait for police to clear road for ambulance?

An SCDF ambulance.

I was running at Bedok Canal, between Upper Changi Road and New Changi Road, when I witnessed an accident between a car and a motorcycle at about 6.30am on Monday.

The motorist immediately called for an ambulance. An ambulance and a Land Transport Authority (LTA) enforcement officer arrived at the scene within a few minutes.

The injured motorcyclist was placed on a stretcher and transferred to the ambulance.

Glad that the motorcyclist was being taken care of, I continued with my run.

But when I returned to the scene after about 20 minutes, I was surprised to see the ambulance still at the same spot.

Concerned about the motorcyclist, I asked the LTA officer for the reason.

I was told the person was not seriously injured and that they were waiting for the Traffic Police to arrive to clear the road so that the ambulance could take him to hospital.

What if the patient had sustained internal injuries, which were not easily detected, or suffered a heart attack while waiting for the police to arrive?

Why was there a need for the police to clear the road before the ambulance could transport the patient to hospital? Shouldn't the priority have been to take the patient to hospital for treatment immediately?

Teo Geok Har

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