On Facebook: Singapore Grand Prix, food deliveries

Should the Singapore Grand Prix be held in September?

Is watching car racing essential? Is watching car racing worth getting infected with Covid-19?

September is still too early to be inviting potentially infected people over just for a car race. We are still recovering, and will still be recovering until the end of the year.

Adrian Adrian

As a Formula One fan, yes, but for Singapore, it does not make sense to carry on especially if we cannot have the live concerts and other side events. I think we can hold this off until the new F1 regulations kick in in 2022.

Paul Goh

It's a no from me. Just skip this year. It's for the health and safety of everyone.

Nicholas Russell

Yes, and make tickets exclusive to Singaporeans and residents. Drivers and race crews need to stay in the racing environment, what F1 is calling a "biosphere", and not mix with the local population.

Kevin Parkes

Should food deliveries be left with the condo concierge or guardhouse for residents to collect themselves?

The guards' job is to monitor the security and safety of the estate, not to safeguard your food. What if your food turns bad or is crushed? You will blame the security officer.

If all deliveries go to the guardhouse, then it will become a goods distribution centre.

Andy Yeo

It is very time-consuming for delivery staff to sign in and out, find a spot to park, figure out which block to go to and use the intercom to access the lift and the unit.

Go get it yourself. Have a bit of compassion, and take it as a form of exercise.

Carol Chia-Norquoy

Most condominiums barely have enough security staff due to tight budgets. The guardhouse is also small and congested. Why burden them with this?

Alfred Liew

As a delivery rider, I don't mind delivering to the resident's doorstep, provided I am allowed to ride to the basement carpark, and not told to park beside the security post or outside the condominium.

Steve Pee

Great idea not just for the current situation. This small change will make it a bit easier for delivery staff.

Suresh Ramaswamy

What's the point of ordering food delivery if we have to leave the house to collect it? We order because we don't want to step out of the house.

Jia Ying

Residents should wait at the condo's drop-off point. This will cut down the time and allow delivery riders to take more orders and earn more to support their livelihood.

Muhammad Noor Othman