On Facebook: Character and citizenship education

Should schools place more emphasis on character and citizenship education (CCE) classes?

Yes, no doubt about it. Schools should work with parents in CCE to inculcate in our children (the ability) to become more resilient to challenges and more gracious to society.

Nellie Lim

Students should be taught how to be respectful and obedient. They should also be taught how to help others and the elderly.

Emily Tan

Parents are the best teachers. If CCE were an examinable subject, then maybe parents would look into it more than academic results and top schools.

Connie Tay

In Japan, schools don't have janitors and students clean everything themselves. But in Singapore, every parent treats his child like an emperor. If parents can't teach their children correct behaviour, why push it to schools?

Don De Voy Tan

Character cannot be taught by books. It is built through experiences along with guidance from those that lead by example. It's also affected by the system/environment. If the system emphasises academic performance and separates students accordingly, how will the strong learn humility by helping the weak?

Maybe one student is weak in mathematics but strong in physical education. Only if we allow students to study and play together will they learn how to be inclusive and support one another.

Catherine Dee

Manners and values must be taught at home. Schools are there just to reinforce them, not to take over the teaching of them.

Nunu Bennet

Schools should never have to replace parents.

Shaun Foo

Why is it that learning how to become a decent human being even needs to be taught as a "subject"?

Leonard Low

It's not examinable and does not affect a teacher's key performance indicators, so all the books go into the bin.

Keynes Smith