Ways to stop having prams on escalators

There has been a spate of incidents where escalators were damaged due to inappropriate use ("Escalator incidents mostly caused by users"; Dec 30, 2016).

One common cause is the pushing of prams up onto the escalators instead of using the lifts.

To solve this perennial problem, there is a need to limit the use of lifts to those with toddlers in prams, the elderly, wheelchair users and pregnant women, and to educate and convince the public about it.

At the same time, barricades should be installed at the escalator landings that can prevent the pushing of prams onto the escalators. This is already being done at a small number of malls and public buildings.

Signs should also be conspicuously displayed in the vicinity of escalators, exhorting the public not to ride the escalators with prams.

The Building and Construction Authority, developers, landlords and other stakeholders must implement such measures swiftly.

Teo Kok Seah