Ways to regulate different groups of cyclists

Perhaps the Land Transport Authority could consider a phased or graduated approach to bicycle licensing, and use current regulations and Acts to govern different groups of cyclists ("LTA: Bicycle licensing not practical"; Feb 12).

Those who cycle on vehicular roads must comply with the Road Traffic Act, which would mean all the requirements are needed, such as licensing and insurance. The Road Traffic Act must govern all users in the same way and be fair to all users of vehicular roads.

Those who use their bicycles for sports and in areas designated for their use, and do not use these bikes on vehicular roads, need to comply with the rules governing these recreational areas.

A proper review and set of regulations and guidelines are needed for those who use their bicycles in all pedestrian areas, as well as all users of motorised bicycles and scooters.

Regulating bicycle use can also be done by age groups. For example, training bicycles used by young children can be exempted from licensing.

All in all, there are different variations and solutions to make our city safer.

All must focus on the objective of safety and the proper use of bicycles, with due consideration to all the other users of common areas and vehicular roads.

Lim Tee Aun