Unpleasant rides on Punggol LRT

The Punggol LRT line was planned together with the town and has an ideal alignment, which is straight and not subject to tight turns and hilly terrain.

However, after a recent change in train stop position to cater for two-car trains, the commute has become an unpleasant experience.

Besides more frequent minor train disruptions, there has also been a tremendous drop in speed along several stretches of the line, especially between the Punggol Town Centre station and Cove, Damai, Sam Kee and Soo Teck stations.

During the morning and evening peak hours, with passengers packed so closely together, commuting has become a chore.

This unpleasantness is further exacerbated by the non-existent air-conditioning.

I hope SBS Transit, which operates the Punggol LRT line, can reprogramme the trains to travel at a faster speed, and also lower the thermostat.

While I understand that safety is of paramount importance, most commuters would want a fast and pleasant travelling experience.

Alvin Tan Meng Hwee