Telcos should prevent caller ID spoofing

The Singapore Police Force issued an advisory recently on their Facebook page about scam calls using the police hotline 1800-255-0000 as the spoofed caller ID.

A good majority of telephone scams use spoof caller IDs of well-known (often official) phone numbers to get the attention of the victims as well as to try and con the victims on the authenticity of the caller.

I am surprised that the telcos here do not seem to be doing anything about this.

I am no expert, but since caller ID is offered as a service to subscribers, surely the telcos have control over the caller ID that the recipient of the call sees.

There ought to be ways to verify if the call is indeed coming from "999" or some well-known numbers.

After all, genuine calls from these numbers originate from the telcos' own network.

Dubious calls should be blocked. I am aware of the risk of having false positives but if in doubt, at least "overseas", "unverified", "unknown" or some such message should be displayed to warn the recipient.

It seems to me that this is one cyber-security issue that technology can solve - and should solve.

Wong Weng Fai