Strange procedure at DBS bank

On the afternoon of Dec 6, at the Bishan Junction 8 DBS Bank counter, I requested a transfer of a few hundred dollars from my POSB account to the POSB account belonging to my maid for her monthly salary.

I handed the counter staff our two passbooks, and was asked for my ATM card as well. The withdrawal was made and the money was deposited into my maid's account.

Later, the staff member returned the passbooks together with a printed deposit slip.

My passbook was updated, but no deposit entry was shown in my maid's passbook because she was not present.

I had to update her passbook at an ATM.

In terms of confidentiality, what is the difference between updating a passbook at the counter and at an ATM?

Why was there a need to print a deposit slip on a separate piece of paper rather than straight on her passbook?

Lim Fah Kiong