Ride in new lift left family shaken

My family and I had a big fright while using a brand new lift in Block 817A, Keat Hong Link recently.

The lift vibrated violently while ascending, accompanied by noise which sounded like metal clashing.

Thankfully, we were able to leave the lift safely, and saw from the view glass through the lift landing door that a chain attached to the lift car was swinging wildly and creating the noise, as the lift was descending.

When I reported the incident to the Housing Board on March 30, it said the lift fell within the purview of the Choa Chu Kang Town Council.

However, the town council subsequently told me that the HDB was responsible for the lift.

In view of the recent spate of lift malfunctions in HDB blocks ("Woman's hand severed in lift accident at HDB block", Oct 10, 2015; and "Maid rescued from lift that 'shot up 17 floors' ", March 9), I hope the agency responsible for the Keat Hong Link lift will take swift, appropriate action.

It should conduct a thorough check on the lift, as well as others in the precinct, for the safety of all residents.

Loong Chik Tong